Going from Brunette to Blonde

31 Jul Going from Brunette to Blonde

As a Blonde Specialist Salon we help a lot of our clients go from brunette to blonde.

This photo is a great representation of the journey from brown to blonde in realistic stages. Whether you are doing an all over bleach, balayage or foil highlights it is normal to expect a middle stage which will reveal the warm tones in the hair before it can be taken to the lightest white or platinum blonde.

The main focus on making a successful transition is about keeping your hair healthy and being realistic as to the stages you will need to go through to get to a true blonde.

There has been a huge buzz about Olpalex which we have been using since 2014. There are so misconceptions about what it is and what it can do. Firstly it is not a lightening agent that makes people blonde. It actually is a restorative or protective treatment that repairs broken bonds in the hair – the bonds originally get broken through chemical or heat processes such as lightening.

How it helps blondes, or people who want to be blonde, is that it allows us to lighten hair to as light as possible while keeping it healthy. (One of the hazards of having your hair lightened at home or not by a trained professional colourist is that hair which is over processed and over bleached can literally break off, and no body wants that look!)

So even with a fantastic tool such as Olpalex it is not possible to go from dark brown to a clean bright blonde in one session – meaning all the lightening being done in one day.

What is more realistic is have 2 – 5 appointments over a few months to achieve the result in a way that keeps your hair still full of life and with minimal damage.

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Photo credit  IG by mandiesuestylez