Meet the Team

Meet the wonderful team!

Name: Orla, Convery
City of Birth: Ireland.
Orla, ONESubiaco’s finest hair artist and manager has been dedicated to her work for 15 years. Well-travelled around Australia and her home she has worked with numerous international brands such as GHD, Keratase, Cloud 9, Olaplex, Moroccan oil, Evo and L’Oreal.
What she loves to do:  Hair Extensions and Damaged Hair Makeovers!
Orla is an expert in applying hair extensions that are natural and seamless to the touch, she creates thick and voluminous hair and is often wearing some herself!
Drastic makeovers are also her specialty. She loves fixing hair that has gone through severe damage from DIY jobs, making sure your hair transforms from dry and brittle to healthy lively locks!

“I just love making people feel good about themselves.”


Starting out with a barbie doll and a pair of scissors, Orla’s love for transforming hair grew to become her lifelong passion. She is meticulous in her work and pays attention to every inch of your hair. She loves nothing more than taking her clients on a hair journey that is fresh and exciting!

Name: Emily Hitchings
City of Birth: Bristol, England.
Our artist Emily has been mastering her craft for 11 years around the globe. Naturally talented, she’s trained and worked with three major international colour houses; Wella, Goldwell and L’Oreal.
What she loves to do: Big colour makeovers and corrections!
She has an expert eye to create precision micro-foils and freehand balayage. She is a natural at colour corrections and transitioning people back to natural colours. Of course being an artist she loves clients who want to mix things up with pastels and vivid colours.

“I’ve always loved making people happy, after doing a colour and cut seeing the clients smile is so rewarding.”

Hairdressing is her passion having entered hair competitions and even traveled to Italy to do a Wedding transformation for a lucky bride!
Whether its micro-foils, changing colours or repairing damage, she has got your back, and can advise on the best ways to create your dream hair.
Emily is talkative, loves travel and has a super funky style, but most of all loves a challenge.

Name: Grady Morris
City of Birth: Devon, England.
Originally from England, Grady has been a Hair Artist for 8 years now.  During this time Grady has trained with international colour house Schwarzkopf and L’Oreal as well she has worked with many hair extension brands including: Mahogany hair, Showpony and Rapture.
To top it off, Grady has also won Colourist of the Year as a trainee at the Hair Academy in England and created cover hair for a wedding magazine!
What she loves to do: Balayage Transformations and Hair Extensions!   
Grady has a keen eye for creating seamless balayage blends to add movement and texture. If not colour, she is a the expert in applying hair extensions. Grady is always in high demand, so book in advance.  No matter what, Grady makes sure you’re confident with your new style.

“Taking a lifeless head of hair and turning it into a Beyonce worthy mane!”
From a young age Grady would always braid her hair, this led her to become the passionate hair artist she is today! Since moving to Perth, Grady considers One Subiaco her family and all her clients as her close friends!

Full Name: Renae Clarke
Place of Birth: Dunsborough, Australia
Renae has traveled all over Western Australia creating amazing hair, everywhere she goes! Over the past 6 years she has worked in Busselton, Bunbury and Broome, now that she’s settled down in Perth we are so happy to have her with us!
She’s naturally talented being on the winning team that received the prestigious Schwarzkopf Creative 2015 Award for cutting, as well she’s worked with and mastered the use of 6 International colour houses, Schwarzkopf, Lakme, Redkin, Wella, Jeval and L’Oreal.
What she loves to do: Blonde Transformations, Colour Corrections and Haircuts!
Renae is your go to artist for Silky Blonde Makeovers. Shes taken many gorgeous babes from Brassy to Bombshell. No matter what kind of Blonde you want to be Renae is your go-to Artist. While being one of the most genuinely lovely people around, she got the raw talent for colour corrections, meaning no matter what has happened, Renae is the artist you want making over your hair. As much of a colour expert that Renae is, she is also talented in giving haircuts. You can trust her with a new restyle or even just a healthy trim.

“ I love making people feel amazing when they walk out the door”

Renae is a true aussie girl that loves the Australian summer. When she isn’t enjoying the weather, she gives 110% of herself listening to the needs of all those who enter the salon. Renae is someone you can talk to straight away, she gives confidence and happiness back to babes through beautiful hair.

Name: Jessica Mcgeorge
City of Birth: Liverpool, England.
Our Hair Artist Jessica has been creating extraordinary hair for 7 years. A seasoned traveler, she has perfected her skills all over the globe from Liverpool to Auckland and now Perth. During this time she has mastered the use of the L’Oreal Colour House as well Winning Apprentice of the Year!
What she loves to do:  Blonde Transformations and Upstyles!
Jessica is passionate about creating bombshell blonde and balayage transformations. Be it,  pearly platinums, sleek silver queens or molten gold highlights. Jess is your go to artist!
As well as complete make-overs, upstyles are Jessica’s speciality – whether it be for a glamourous event – (anything from Weddings to Formals) or to simply treat yourself to those festival braids you’ve been dreaming about!
“There is no better job than making people feel beautiful everyday.”Being in a family of sisters with a love for dressing up, hair dressing was a natural path for Jessica. Her journey has even led her to partake in events such as the NZ Fashion Week!
One of the most approachable babes ever, she’s proudly exclaims that she can “talk the leg off a chair!”

Name: Meghan Byers
City of Birth: Perth, Australia.
Our Perthite hair artist Meghan has been creating flawless hair for just over 5 years, with the  international colour houses L’oreal and Goldwell.
What she loves to do:  Balayage Transformations and Fashion Hair Colouring! Megan is exceptional in creating free-hand painted balayages that will suit everyone! If not the classic natural tones, Megan is also an expert and your go-to artist for wild and bright colours.

“There is no better feeling than my clients walking out feeling like a million dollars!”


As Megan grew up, interests and hobbies changed but the one thing she was never tired of was changing her hair, to different colours and cuts. This eventually led onto makeovers for friends! Megan has a bright personality and loves nothing than to have a chat while working on exciting hair transformations.

Name: Jenae Carboni
City of Birth: Margaret River, Australia.
Our sun-loving artist Jenae has been creating great hair for over 5 years. Having worked with three major colour houses, Schwarzkopf, Goldwell and Wella, she is dedicated to transforming babes all over Western Australia!
What she loves to do:  Foils and Bright colours!
Jenae is phenomenal at applying foils to make sure your hair has dimension and texture. As a true hair artist she also loves adventuring with colour. Whether it be smooth pastels or vivid brights she truly creates envy worthy colourful hair.

“I’ve always loved changing my hair and wanted to do hairdressing ever since i was young!”Jenae is not only stylish with hair but also a fashionista with incredible taste.  She’s super talkative and has a warm presence, you can expect to be always greeted with open arms and bubbly smile!