Gorgeous Balayage for Brunettes in 2018


22 Dec Gorgeous Balayage for Brunettes in 2018


If you thought balayage was just for blondes…think again! Balayage for brunettes in all shades is the hair trend to watch for 2018. The seamless blend of light brown shades throughout your hair create movement and adds life into dark monotone brunette hair!

If you’re thinking of a switch up this summer, you can’t go wrong with rocking chocolate balayage.

T H E   P R O C E S S

Chocolate Balayage is a very natural look that will  spice up brown hair.
Balayage is referred to a highlighting process that is done freehand rather than using your traditional foils!  The chocolate shade is achieved through a precise combination of dark and warm hues, and is varies on each individual!
Your skin-tone, your hair length and face shape are all factors considered when creating this flawless balayage look!

If you are starting off with blonde hair rather than brunette hair, be prepared for slightly longer process as your roots need to be blended into a darker shade in order to achieve this deep tone balayage. We recommend that either way you consult with your hair colourist professional to achieve the balayage look that suits you the most.


T L C  G U I D E

Once you’ve achieved Chocolate Balayage hair, you’ll need to make sure you give it a bit of TLC so that it stays fabulous!

U S E  S O O T H I N G   S H A M P O O &  C O N D I T I O N E R

Although having darker hair is slightly easier to maintain, frizz and split ends are your new enemy!
With darker hair it’s a lot easier to notice when your hair has gone to the wild side.
An easy fix to this is your next must haves, R+Co’s Bel Air shampoo & conditioner duo!
Bel Air specialises in  straightening out tough curly and frizz prone hair so you get that extra help without relying so much on your heat tools!



U S E  Q U A L I T Y  S T Y L I N G  P R O D U C T S

We all love a bit of glam when we’re about to head out, especially with holiday season ahead!
However, if you’re not careful using poor quality styling products can cause A LOT of buildup that’ll show, especially on brunette hair!

So to prevent that from happening, we’re going to recommend you this super stylish High Dive shine creme by R+CO.
If you want to have that sleek and glamorous look, applying a bit of this treatment is going to create smooth texture without a piling products on products onto your poor hair!





If you’re more of a volume, effortless bounce sort of girl,  we got you covered too!
If  you don’t want to spend hours of your day teasing and combing away, then body mass is your own little instant hair stylist in a bottle!
Give it a spritz, let it soak in and you’ve got yourself some serious volume.

A chocolate balayage that has extra oomph, who doesn’t love that?





R E G U L A R  T O U C H  U P S

Although the chocolate balayage hairstyle is relatively low maintenance to keep that glow you can book in for express refresh services like a toner refresh which also adds gloss and shine while refreshing the colour and also free hand balayage around the face and ends to freshen up your gorgeous highlights.