The Best Guide to getting Macaron Pastel Hair


22 Dec The Best Guide to getting Macaron Pastel Hair


At one point or another, macaroon pastel hair is something you need to try out!  With so many different shades, there’s a match for everyone! Some that might even come to as a surprise to you! If you think adding colour is too big of a leap, don’t worry – you can try out pastelage (natural root into colour ends) and see how you go from there!

If you’re needing a fresh touch to your hair, look no further, we’ve got the perfect guide to getting you on track to beautiful effortless pastel hair.


Achieving pastel-coloured hair can be a fun but a slightly long process.  The reason why pastels shine through and lighten up your complexion is because it starts off with a very light base.  Your hair will need to be lightened to a platinum blonde in order for the colour to come off as soft pastel opposed to vibrant bold.

If you’re a brunette, you’ll need a few session of lightening so that your hair reaches the ideal stage to go through to colour. It’s most important that throughout the process your hair retains moisture and takes on minimal damage so when you do end up with pastel hair it isn’t dull and brittle!

Once you have achieved blonde hair, the fun colour sessions begin! There are absolutely so many choices to go with for pastel, if you can’t decide – unicorn hair is never a bad decision!

T L C  G U I D E

Coloured hair is an absolute eye-turner but it fades faster than your usual blondes and brunettes.
You’ll have to commit and be meticulous with your hair care routine!

C O L O U R S A F E S H A M P O O & C O N D I T I O N E R 

We’ll get you started with recommending  you this super fun Gemstone shampoo and conditioner by R+Co!  Just like the name, it’s for all you girls with hair the colour of jewels and stones!

Gemstone will make sure you hair is receiving the right natural ingredients as well as  prolonging the colour!
As an added bonus too,
they’re also  both heat protectant agents too, so blow-drying won’t be as damaging to your colour.



R E P A I R  Y O U R  H A I R  – H A I R  P E R F E C T O R  

If you started out with dark hair to achieve the pastels look, it’s most likely that your hair needs more than anything – an intense repair treatment.

L’Oreal’s smart bond no3 is the go-to for repairing brittle hair strands. It’s an advanced formula for mending the broken fibres that colouring causes, so say hello to fun pastels and goodbye to lasting damage!

It applies just like any conditioner except it’s got the magic touch that’ll make sure your hair isn’t too exhausted from achieving your on-point pastels look!




S T Y L E   I T

The one main thing you’ll need to try avoid is heat tools.  Nothing screams dull and bleak hair like a hot iron onto pastel locks, trust us your hair will thank you.

Lucky for you, it won’t be so hard when you’ve got styling gems like Kevin Murphy’s Body.Mass.  A go-to alternative when you want to let your hair take a break from heat damage or you want to keep it vibrant as ever!
Body.Mass is an instant volumising spritz that’ll have people asking you which hair stylist you went to for that thick luscious look!





Having pastels is an absolutely fun way to play around with colour but it does require regular up-keep. If you want pastels as your iconic stable look, you’ll need to book in regular touch-ups with your favourite hair colourist professionals!




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