Easy Guide to Achieving Vanilla Blonde Hair and Hair Care Tips


20 Dec Easy Guide to Achieving Vanilla Blonde Hair and Hair Care Tips

If you’ve ever thought about going blonde or you’re tired of your current blonde shade, step it up to Vanilla Blonde!
It’s an absolutely universal blonde shade that compliments all skin tones, warm or cool undertones, vanilla blonde looks great on just about everybody.

It’s a popular shade you’ll often see celebrities rocking! What better way to warm up your summer style than looking like you’ve just stepped of the beach with a warm golden glow.

We’ve made a quick guide for those who want to achieve this gorgeous vanilla blonde shade, along with tips on aftercare too!

T H E  P R O C E S S

Vanilla blonde hair is quite simple in terms of colour! It’s all about creamy subtle golden yellow hues with plenty of sheen and gloss!

If you’re starting with a different shade of blonde, the transition is quite simple and you should be able to achieve this look with one appointment, yay!

However for those with more darker pigmented hair, the process is not so easy. You’ll need to prepare for additional sessions where your hair is lightened before it can be toned and colour corrected to the rich vanilla shade you want!

T L C  G U I D E

Once you’ve achieved your gorgeous vanilla blonde hair, you’ve also got to take care of it! So that you not only feel fabulous when you leave the salon, but also stay fabulous with a regular haircare routine.

U S E  THE BEST –   S H A M P O O & C O N D I T I O N E R

R + CO : D A L L A S    –  T H I C K E N I N G  S H A M P O O & C O N D I T I O N E R


If you’ve opted for a light shade such as vanilla blonde and have fine thin hair the you would like to add volume to, all can be fixed by the fabulous R +CO’s Dallas Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner.It’s perfect for those who feel like their blonde hair needs that extra volume

Dallas Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner are gifts from the heavens to those with thin hair!  It is a beautiful concoction of natural extracts that’ll add body to your hair as well as deeply nourish it.



K E V I N M U R P H Y :  H Y D R A T E – M E

For regular blonde hair , we recommend you dedicate time to infusing moisture into your hair so it doesn’t become brittle and dry.
Nothing says healthy hair than using Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate-Me which is packed full of moisture.

These beauties work hard on letting your hair absorb nourishing goodies such as Vitamin C and Omega 6!





S P R U C E   I T  U P 

You’ve been rushed out of  the house today with deflated, washed-out blonde locks. With no time to go back to your vanity or even to have a rinse – what are you going to do?

You can  get yourself a bottle of Kevin Murphy’s Shimmer. Me Blonde spray so you won’t need to worry about scenarios like these.

This spray is laced with purple reflectors and optical brightness that’s going to add that subtle shine back into the bleak blonde locks.  It’ll accentuate the silver and grey undertones without the use of heavy styling products that’ll take ages to apply.

A quick spritz on the go, looking fabulous in blonde has never been so simple!


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