Change Your Style with Your Mood with a Clip In Fringe

28 Jul Change Your Style with Your Mood with a Clip In Fringe

When it comes to your hair, you can have it all. We are loving the instant gratification of creating amazing styles at our Perth Hair Salon with ShowPony Hair Extensions.

Clip-on fringes are a fantastic addition to your hair, because they grant you versatility and no commitment. They are a popular go too look for many celebrities when they want to switch things up on the red carpet.

Cutting your fringe can be a big decision and bring some anxiety with it, especially if you’ve never had bangs before and aren’t sure what they’ll look like on your face. Clip on fringes let you create updated styles, which you can literally change a few minutes later.

Clip-on bangs with side fringes are versatile, as they offer longer side fringe in addition to the front piece of your bangs. They are also easyfringe bangs to use. You can style the side fringe with your natural hair to create some body near your face, or you can wear them behind your ears. You can even layer them with your natural hair for sexy fringe that emphasizes your cheekbones. As with the traditional clip-on bangs, you’ll want to take this option to a stylist to have it custom shaped to fit your facial structure and style needs. Consider purchasing a few of these to have styled in different ways. They can change as quickly as the seasons do.

As with all extensions, be sure to match clip-on bangs exactly to your natural hair colour. We do this for you by offering a complimentary consultation with our colourist to ensure you get the perfect match. It’s essential to a natural, elegant look.

We also offer sulfate-free products so that you can care for your extensions and wash them as you would your natural hair. Use heat treatment sparingly to help them last longer with a healthy, vibrant glow.