Damage Proof Your Hair with Proven Repair Treatments – Pro Fiber & Olaplex

28 Sep Damage Proof Your Hair with Proven Repair Treatments – Pro Fiber & Olaplex


Avoiding or minimising damage is the number one hair concern for women who colour their hair…especially our blonde loving client’s at our Subiaco salon!

The truth is that if you love heat styling your hair with repeated straightening and waving irons and lightening up your locks to gorgeous bright blondes, and throw in spending sunny summer days at Perth’s glorious beaches…. his is all going to wreck havoc with your hair, leaving ends looking stiff, split and your colour dull.

Now the new ‘Boho chic’ look  has us embracing longer hair  which means that those extra inches have had to endure YEARS of  of heat styling, brushing,  UV exposure on top of any stress caused through lightening. This means that hair is much more sensitised and prone to breakage along with being brittle and hard to manage.

We know the struggle our colour clients have with balancing the desire to grow their hair longer, with the need to sacrifice an inch with a trim after their colour in order to keep on top of split ends.

That’s why we are so excited L’Oreal Professionnel have launched a hair repair treatment that is as revolutionary to hair health as Olaplex!

Subiaco Hair Salon L'Oreal Pro Fiber hair repair treatment shampoo conditioner mask


Pro Fiber is L’Oreal’s most prescriptive professional treatment programme to combat multi levels of damage across all hair types. It starts in salon and is re-charged at home, meaning you not only step out of the salon with fabulous hair but you can keep up the effect every week with a little at-home treatment too.

Just like Olaplex, L’Oreal’s exclusive Aptyl 100 Melecular Complex has years of scientific research behind it and several patents pending, and it’s already proving to be a game changer in how we can prevent and even reverse the effects of damage on hair.

Each programme is prescriptive to the individual client and starts exclusively in-salon with a consultation with one of our trained hairdressers.

Our colourists  will analyse the level of thickness and damage to your hair before prescribing the ideal treatment for you.

There are three ranges designed for different levels of damage –

Rectify for light damage – Dry texture, little shine, thinning ends and dull colour

Restore for medium damage – Rough texture, split ends and uneven colour

Reconstruct for heavy damage – Deconstructed Brittle texture, slit ends and fading colour

The new technology enables the treatment to penetrate and lastingly grip the hair fibre from the inside out. Aminosilane, a wonder ingredient, reinforces the hair structure through a three-dimensional network (essentially filling in any holes in each individual hair strand that are the result of damage,) while cationic polymers act as a protective sheath, covering the hair’s surface and leaving a soft silky feel.

One of the distinctive benefits of this intensive treatment is that there’s no chance of overloading the surface of the hair which can appear as limpness or oilness which often is the result of an intense treatment.

L'Oreal Pro Fiber hair repair treatment shampoo conditioner mask in-salon

IT LASTS up to 6 Weeks!

Most treatments work on the surface of the hair and are ‘wash in and wash out’ in that the effects wear off after a couple of shampoos. If your hair is very pourous (ie. damaged) this means that it can very quickly wash out.  L’Oreal’s Pro Fiber is different because, like Olaplex our other favourite treatment, the technology works on the internal structure of the hair, rather than just on the surface,  also because you’re constantly recharging the results with the take home treatment shampoo & conditioner the effects of the treatment lasts for p to 6 weeks!

During the in salon treatment your hair is shampooed with a lovely scalp massage and then your prescribed treatment serum is applied to the length of your hair, this is followed by the activating masque which is not massaged in like traditional treatment, but left for five minutes to absorb and work it’s scientific magic.

After the treatment is washed out and when your hair is blow dried you will experience notably softer, smoother, hair with with a healthy light bounce and movement.

But the treatment doesn’t end there. Just like with Olaplex there is a take home treatment pack that you use to help sustain the benefits between salon visits.

Your hairdresser will provide your with the ideal shampoo, conditioner, serum and ‘recharger’ doses so you can keep  your salon-fresh hair for longer. Each of the products contains ingredients to ensure the results of the in-salon treatment are maintained. The Re-Charge booster is to beused every four shampoos as a substitute to your usual conditioner or masque. Like Olaplex #3, L’Oreal’s at home Re-Chargers contain the same (but slightly diluted) formula as the in-salon treatment, so you’re constantly re-energising the effects of your in salon treatment.  You can achieve around 75% of the effects achieved in salon just by keeping up the weekly boosts.

It definitely a winner for being our essential go to treatment for our blonde and colour loving clients and those who heat style everyday. The benefits are that it’s easy to use, effective, affordable and deliciously fragrant range with scents such as Black Vanilla.

L'Oreal Pro Fiber blonde hair treatment shampoo conditioner mask perth hairdresser


We are having great results with combining the new Pro Fiber Treatment with the Olaplex to provide hair that is healthy inside and out. The only complaint we hear about Olaplex from first time users who don’t understand that Olaplex is a bond repairer, that rebuilds the internal structure of the hair,  is that they are expecting it to make the hair ‘shiny’ or notably smoother like traditional treatments. Olaplex is not designed to do this, but this is where Pro Fiber really stands out because it goes beyond just adding a cosmetic shine to the hair, but also aids in actually repairing the structure of the hair, while adding the gloss and bounce we love!

Olaplex is still indispensable with protecting the hair during the colouring process  as it helps to prevent some of the damage and allow for a greater range of blonde and lightening to occur. This is then teamed up with the Pro Fiber to continue the internal recovery and nourishment of the hair from root to tip so your hair looks shinier and feels soft, smooth, and lightweight.

Please feel free to call 93881728 to talk to one of our expertly trained L’Oreal colour and treatment specialists.


ONE Subiaco is an Authorised Salon for Olaplex and L’Oreal Pro Fiber Treatments.