Hair Care Tips for Blondes

15 Aug Hair Care Tips for Blondes

If you are like us, you love to colour your hair blonde with foils, free hand highlights, balayage and on scalp lightening!

To keep your hair healthy and extend the length of your ‘fresh from the salon’ colour we suggest creating a hair care routine, just like you would with you skin care. any, but maybe not so much for hair. With a little bit of special attention you can save yourself from many of the common hair issues and even permanent damage.

Tame the Frizz

You may not realise that you, not your hair, is the cause of your constant fight against frizzy, fluffy hair!  When you finish shampooing and conditioning your hair, rinse off your hair with as cold temperature water as you can stand. this helps seal the hair follicles that have been opened up by using hot water. Also never towel dry your hair by giving it a tousle with a towel. Instead wrap you hair up in a towel and use a soft squeezing motion to remove excess water.

Style Your Hair Only When it is Dry

If you like to use straightening iron or curling wands to style your hair, it is extremely important that you make sure you properly dried out your hair either by blow drying it on a cool or warm setting, or allowing it to dry naturally, before you start using hot tools on it. If you have ever heard  a sizzle when the plate of your straightener comes into contact with your hair you have been damaging your hair making it weaker and vulnerable to breaking by the hot steam that is created from the water in your hair begin heated up.

Oil is your Friend

When hair is lightened it can become very dry and porous and can lose it shine. Keep your hair looking glossy and feeling silkly with applying natural Argan or Malula oil on the mid-lengths to ends (avoid your roots).  Also don’t strip away your own natural oils with overly hot water when shampooing your hair and if possible avoid washing your hair daily. The less heat or oil stripping shampoo you use on your hair the more your hair will retain it’s natural oils.

Beat the Beach

If you are a blonde who loves the beach, save your hair from very drying salt water by rinsing your hair under fresh water before going into the ocean. Since coloured hair follicles is porous like a sponge, imagine that you a filling your hair shaft with natural water first so it is less able to to soak up salt water. The same goes for chlorinated water in pools. Also rinse again once you get out of the ocean and you will find those days in the sun, salt and chlorine will have less impact on your hair colour and condition.  Also for extra TLC after you have rinsed out your hair add a little bit of Aragan oil to seal in moisture and let your hair dry naturally.

Treat Your Hair to some Intense Loving

There is no better way to give your hair a boost and prolong colour than by hair treatments. We love OLAPLEX which is a blonde’s best friend in restoring weak and damaged hair. Also L’Oreal’s Pro Fiber Prescription Treatments provide amazing on going repair stressed hair and help to lock in colour.

Also one of our favourite at home treatments for coloured hair is EVO FABULOSO which is a colour enhancing conditioner that helps keep red vibrant, browns rich and blondes bright without brassiness.

All these treatments are available at our Subiaco Hair Salon.

Feel free to pop in for a complimentary hair consultation as we love sharing our knowledge on how to get your hair looking it’s best!

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