Olaplex Vs the ‘Ex’s

25 Sep Olaplex Vs the ‘Ex’s

Lots of people have been calling us after using  other products that are saying they are similar to OLAPLEX and also have ‘EX’ at the end of their names.

The only thing similar is the complaint that their hair condition was not helped by using these imitations.

Very simply we have found if it’s not OLAPLEX…it doesn’t give the same great results as the real deal.

Don’t trust your precious hair to imitations. You may save a little money with the cheaper imitations, but pay more in the long run with permanently damaged hair and costly corrections.

Also importantly, even with Olaplex be sure to have a trained hairdresser use it, especially when adding to colour and lightening products. Olaplex is amazing, but it can’t protect your hair from improper colouring!

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