Ombre Hair Extensions – 2015 Hair Extension Trend

19 Oct Ombre Hair Extensions – 2015 Hair Extension Trend

If your hair is already stressed from years of colouring a popular option for creating the on trend balayage / ombre effect is to use hair extensions rather than through colouring the actual hair.

 While this trend has been on the streets of Perth and the international runways for a while, the coming lightening up for spring / summer offers updated ways to style your ombre locks.

For those of you who have waited a while to go ombre, now is the perfect time to integrate this trend into your look. Any natural hair color can find a lovely ombre complement that will rejuvenate your confidence and give more inspiration for new makeup tricks and clothing styles. Here are a few great tips for styling your ombre hair.



Ombre adds new features to straight hair. This mod, ultra-chic style gets an updated shine and boost with ombre tones. Extensions can add length and volume to a straight style, giving your hair a dramatic effect that will certainly turn heads. Straight hair is polished and professional, but ombre gives it a modern twist for this classic style. Add a deep side part, or straight middle part. If you normally part your hair in one of these ways, try placing your part in a different area to spice up your daily style. Even when your hair is stick straight, ombre will add some dimension to your look and give it an edge.



Waves and curls look amazing with ombre hair. In fact, loose curls may just be the best summer style for your two tones. Beachy waves fit just about any face shape. It’s an effortless, chic hairstyle that just about anyone can achieve. Ombre hair gives your style a deeper dimension, offering two shades in each curl. For a hassle-free look, sleep on damp braids. For a more polished, cosmopolitan look, use a curling iron or flat iron to curl sections. This look transitions easily from the beach to date night with just a few touch-ups. It’s a staple summer style for your ombre hair.


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