Protect your colour treated hair this summer with these 5 simple haircare tips


25 Sep Protect your colour treated hair this summer with these 5 simple haircare tips

Spring is here and Summer is not far away, which means holiday fun in the sun, sea, sand and by poolside, but don’t let your hair colour suffer by following the five simple steps below!

1. Set your hair up for colour

Great hair colour starts before even getting your hair dyed, so prep yourself for intense colour and shine by making sure your hair is well moisturised before booking your colour appointment with your hairdresser. Excessive washing can strip your hair of essential nutrients, so limit washes to twice a week and try not to skip the conditioner. If you find your roots getting greasy between washes, reach for a dry shampoo, or why not try out one of these trending hot looks to camouflage roots.

2. Make time for a hair mask

Investing in a decent hair mask is always a good idea. Not only can a hair mask provide deep nutrition to dry and damaged hair, it also serves for an excuse to slap on a face mask, sit back and have a fifteen minute pamper session. You’ll want to keep up your mask routine and make sure you’re applying your mask at least once every two weeks.

3. Invest in a hair serum

There are countless benefits to using hair serums, including their ability to smoothen unruly hair and fight off frizz. Hair serums are particularly beneficial when it comes to hydrating your hair, so apply a coin sized amount of serum to the lengths and tips of your tresses pre and post drying your hair to lock in moisture and maintain smooth hair all day long.

4. Use dedicated haircare for coloured hair

Familiarise yourself with haircare products designed specifically for colour treated hair as these will help to lock colour to your hair’s fibres, resulting in longer lasting colour and healthier looking hair. It’s even more important to use colour treated hair products during the summer, especially if you want your hair to stand the test of endurance against chlorinated pool and sea salt water.

5. Protect your hair from the environment

Lastly, protect your hair from the elements by using a hair oil, which will act as a barrier against potential damaged caused by sun, chlorine and sea salt water exposure. Limit the amount of time you spend in the sun, sea and pool and tie your hair up if you think it might get wet.

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