Most Wanted Hair for 2015 – Victoria Secret’s Sexy Style

20 Dec Most Wanted Hair for 2015 – Victoria Secret’s Sexy Style

The easy way to CREATE the VICTORIA SECRET Look for your New Year Celebrations


Confirming what we already know….

There are few things that we can hold true in the hair world. While what’s shown on runways and fashion shoots may not be the most achievable, the majority of women out there have at least once considered “Victoria’s Secret hair” (to be truncated as VS hair throughout the rest of the article, as we’ll be referring to it a lot).

While it doesn’t differ too much from season to season, according to Anthony Nader of Raw, this year’s hair was a little more “undone” and “more relaxed” perhaps to embrace Londoners’ more relaxed attitude to hair maintenance than those in New York.

And for Nader, his clients have been requesting VS hair all year round, “and not just when the famous special TV event airs!” he explains.

“I love doing VS hair and seriously, what woman doesn’t want to have this sexy tousled hair at the end of the day?”

Award-winning international hair stylist, Anthony Nader, explains how to achieve the infamous VS waves for all types of hair.

Long and thick

It’s all about creating a soft beautiful undone texture, long and thick tresses need that extra attention to get that famous VS look.

First of all to recreate this look ask your hairstylist for some shorter choppy layers throughout your hair. This will promote life and airiness for longevity. On damp hair squeeze a big dollop of medium hold foam into your palms then scrunch the product into your roots and mid lengths and rake through.

Pop head over and blast 80% dry, lifting the roots up to gain that extra airiness then pop head back up. Divide hair into two and clip the top half away and smooth over the underneath layer, once complete now find your natural part line and do the same to the top section.

Now here’s the biggest secret to creating the sexy VS waves….

Take the same section and clip the top half away first and turn on your two of your largest hot barrel tongs and use the same size barrel every second section and the other one in between. Also keep your sections always on a diagonal as this gives that little bit of extra body compared to vertical sections.

Starting at the front from your temples just wind the mid lengths towards the back of your head and leaving some random ends out. While you’re doing this, there’s no need to be precise with your sections as you want the rippled undone waves to be haphazardly placed so it looks natural.


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