Red Ombre – Hair Colour Trend A/W 2014

16 Aug Red Ombre – Hair Colour Trend A/W 2014

While playful pink may be the colour du jour, red remains the statement hue of choice for many. Red is mesmerizing, exciting and just a little bit dangerous. This is perhaps why it continues to fascinate and inspire the top designers of today. On the S/S 2014 catwalks, they used red to express the many facets of characters.

 Red remains a symbol of powerful femininity and so long as there are women, the colour will be used to make a statement about their personality, season after season, re-imagining and reinventing itself. It is the same with hair, as women looking for a bold and impactful effect will often opt for scarlet shades. For this season’s It Looks, the hue has been combined with one of the hottest hairstyles of the moment, the side-sweep, and applied primarily through the hair ends to rejuvenate the most sought after colouring technique of past seasons: the ombré / balayage.


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