Learn how to get Sunkissed Bronze Hair with Best haircare tips!


22 Dec Learn how to get Sunkissed Bronze Hair with Best haircare tips!


Sunkissed, beach-vibe hair has been around for a very long-time. It’s the ultimate go-to shade for the summer as it gives your hair that lift like you’ve been tanning all day at the beach.  The blend between dark and light tones makes it suitable for everyone, whether you’re a blonde or a brunette.  It’s becoming increasingly popular over the past year as it’s the perfect accessory to your festival boho look!

If you’re thinking about making yourself a sun kissed babe, we’ve got the guide and tips so you know how you can achieve this look but also how you can maintain it too!


T H E  P R O C E S S

Having sun kissed hair usually means you’ll have dark roots that’ll be lightened from mid-tier to the tips of your hair.  In order to achieve this look, if you’re a blonde you’ll need to go through sessions of adding pigment and colour so that your roots are a suitable brown shade.
It’s important to know that there is a wide spectrum of sun kissed hair! You can always select how intense of a sun kissed look you prefer, whether it’s slightly more towards the brunette side of if you want bright platinum blonde tips!

Hair colourists will lighten certain parts of your hair and tailor it so that this sun kissed look frames around your face and it’s features.

A well done sun kissed look will have a seamless root fade into the highlighted strands opposed to defined blonde streaks throughout dark roots. We recommend you going to a professional hair stylist so you can get look your best this summer cruising at the beach!

T L C  G U I D E

Once you’ve achieved your gorgeous ice queen hair, you’ve also got to take care of it! So that you feel fabulous but also stay fabulous with a regular haircare routine.


S H A M P O O  & C ON D I T I O N E R  Y O U R  H A I R 

Oily and dense hair is not a good look. If you want to freshen up your beachy locks before you’re heading out, a time-saving and super easy way to do that is using dry shampoo.
Dry shampoo is an absolute winner when it comes to wanting silky smooth hair but also not wanting to strip out the essential oils that keep it hydrated.
Thinking about which one to get? – We’ve got a recommendation for you!
Introducing R+Co’s Death Valley dry shampoo!
A wonderful spray that’ll do the job and added some volume to your hair while it’s at it.




If you’re wanting something that’s more about soothing your hair, then you’ll want to invest in a quality shampoo and conditioner.
Or better yet, invest in something that’ll do BOTH.

Time-saving and also good quality? What is this blessing in a bottle? – It’s R+ CO’s Analogue!

This weightless foam formula (which smells amazing) is going to deep condition your hair, root to tip but won’t add any weight to it. It’ll be fluffy, light and feeling hydrated.  It also works a treat for colour-treated hair meaning you sun kissed babes will be well looked after!



S T Y L I N G   I T 

You’ve got that sunkissed hair but over time  it’s faded and you want it to be popping for your next event.

A little secret just for you – keep a bottle of Kevin Murphy’s Shimmer.Me Spray in your bag.
It’s super lightweight spritz that’ll highlight your blonde strands,giving dimension and movement. It’s a must-have for sunkissed girls that’ll make you fall in love with your bronze hair all over again!

Kevin Murphy’s products are also Cruelty Free,  with No Parabens and No Sulfate, you can get your hair gleaming with a just a visit to our store, here!