The 12 Best Hair Gifts of Christmas


19 Dec The 12 Best Hair Gifts of Christmas

It’s that season, everything is busy. Suddenly everyone wants to catch up, Christmas parties start and your mornings get earlier and your nights get later. Perth days are getting longer and hotter.  Christmas is coming and somehow you need to find the time to buy presents for your friends and family!
Well not to worry, because we’re about to make filling up stockings and Secret Santa giving a whole lot easier. What better gift to give your loved ones than the gift of great hair?  

Here is a list of the 12 best hair products that’ll have your friends impressed and feeling the love. While you’re at it, why not treat yourself to a bit of self-love and pick yourself up one too?

1.  R+CO: P A L M  S P R I N G S

What is it:  
A pre-shampoo treatment filled with essential oils that adds an extra shine to hair that has suffered intense chemical colouring or heat styling.

Why it’s the best:  R+Co’s Palm Springs is game-changer in hair-care. If you need to give your hair a bit of love because you’ve fried it with all that straightening or  you’ve gone a bit wild with the bleach, Palm Springs is going to give you it’s bounce back!
It’s filled with a concoction of natural butters, oils and extracts that’ll add moisture back into your hair.
Simply apply for 10 minutes before your shampoo and let your hair soak in the vitamins!

To top it off, the treatment mask is also Cruelty Free, Gluten-free, Vegetarian and Colour safe. No Sulfates (SLE and SLES), no parabens, no mineral oil and petroleum, making it an absolute winner!
Get yourself a bottle from our store, here!







What is it:  A colour enhancer and brightening spritz to bring blonde and silver tone hair back to life.

Why it’s the best:  Kevin Murphy’s Shimmer.Me, a blessing in a bottle for blondes!  It’s filled with violet reflectors and add thats instant wow factor if you feel like your blonde hair is looking a little bleak.
Not only is reviving dull silver and blonde hair it’s specialty, Shimmer.Me has bamboo extract oil so you can say goodbye to those pesky split ends and hello to healthy beach babe hair!
If you’re are all about lively and durable organic looking blonde locks this summer, look no further!

Kevin Murphy’s Shimmer.Me Blonde Spray is Cruelty Free,  with No Parabens and No Sulfates meaning it’s a great gift for girls and all the blondes in your life.

You can find these dashing bottles in our store, here!



3. R+CO: D E A T H  V A L L E Y

What is it:  A quick dry shampoo spray that’ll lift and add volume to your hair instantly.

Why it’s the best: Who doesn’t love dry shampoo? When you’re jumping from work to a night out or you’re just too tired to go through the lengthy process of washing and blow-drying, Death Valley has got your back!
R+Co’s Death Valley is rich in antioxidants and proteins, giving a natural volume whilst adding organic body to your hair.  It also comes in a travel size, so if you can achieve this voluminous look on the go!

Death Valley Dry Shampoo is Cruelty Free, Gluten-free, vegetarian, Colour safe. No Sulfates (SLE and SLES), no parabens, no mineral oil and petroleum, making it a good choice for both traveling and a great idea for a gift that will keep on giving.

Need a little bit of Death Valley in your life – you can get yourself a bottle, here! 



4.R+CO: S U N S E T B O U L E V A R D

What is it:  A dynamic duo that work together to eliminate brassy tones for those with blonde or silver hair.

Why it’s the best:  Blonde hair doesn’t have to go brassy, not with this duo in your bag! Sunset Boulevard shampoo and conditioner has natural mineral pigment that is going to correct that orange undertone in your hair.
You also don’t need to worry, Sunset Boulevard gets the job done without staining your hair purple!
Bright, Gleaming, healthy blonde hair, we love it!

R+Co’s Shampoo and Conditioners are also Cruelty Free, Gluten-free, vegetarian, Colour safe. No Sulfates (SLE and SLES), no parabens, no mineral oil and petroleum making this a must have for the upcoming Perth summer.
You can find this duo in our store, here!





What is it:  A nourishing haircare line that is best for naturally dry coarse hair or for the seasonal dry climate.

Why it’s the best: Whether it’s from the beach or hot summer days, our hair gets dry very quickly.
Yet there’s such an easy fix to it with Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate- Me haircare line!
If your hair is feeling rough and begging for a little more TLC the Hydrate-Me line will restore it with all the nutrients and essential oils missing!
Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate-Me.Wash and Rinse are Cruelty Free, with No Parabens and No Sulfates.

Treat yourself to a bit of hydration and purchase these from our store, here.
Split ends will be no more and you’ll be left with just thick healthy organic hair – what more could a girl ask for on Christmas?





6.  R+CO: A N A L O G

What is it:  A weightless foam conditioner dedicated to giving your hair an effortless bounce.

Why it’s the best: On the run? Don’t think you’ve got time to give your hair a wash? THINK AGAIN.
Introducing Analog, a fabulous shampoo conditioner. The mousse texture scented with orange, rhubarb, juicy fig and guava slims down your prep time but still adds the essential oils your hair needs!
If you want organic looking hair, that feels light, this is for you!

Analog cleansing foam conditioner is also Gluten-free, vegetarian, Colour safe. Has No Sulfates (SLE and SLES), no parabens, no mineral oil and petroleum!

What’s there not to like? – Make this a staple in your haircare routine by purchasing one from our store, here! 






What is it:  An ammonia free permanent hair dye that provides sublime moisture and shine minus the harsh chemicals!

Why it’s the best: Although this product is salon-exclusive, you should definetely consider it for your next appointment! It has has 100% coverage especially for stubborn white hairs and is a long-lasting permanent colour.
Better yet, you also have 134 colour shades to pick from!

With no ammonia, and low ammonia for blondes it’s perfect for those of you who are seeking out natural and organic alternatives for hair colouring.





8.  O L A P L E X # 3

What is it:  An intense hair treatment to repair damage to all hair types and colours.

What’s good about it: Olaplex is a hair perfector that specialises in relinking broken bonds in the hair structure.  It’s revolutionary formula not only repairs damaged hair but also prevents future damage making sure you’ve got nothing but healthy hair from now on.


Want to add that magic touch to your hair? You can try Olaplex for yourself from our store, here!





 9. R+CO: T H E  O N E

What is it:  A primer or a base coat to protect and revitalise your hair before adding other styling products or tools.

Why it’s the best: You’ve heard about make-up primer, but what about a hair primer?
R+CO’s The One is made of natural ingredients that include Aloe Leaf, Cucumber fruit Extract and Sweet Almond Protein so it add that extra hydrating layer to your scalp and promotes softness for that organic hair feeling!

Do you need a de-tangler? Do you need a protectant spray? Do you need a primer? Did you just answer yes to all of these?
Get yourself a bottle from our store, here!
R + Co’s The One primer spray is Cruelty Free, Gluten-free, vegetarian, Colour safe. No Sulfates (SLE and SLES), no parabens, no mineral oil and petroleum making your go-to base coat!






What is it:  A light volumising conditioner tailored to fix brittle coloured hair.

Why it’s the best: If your hair is feeling coarse and rough and you need a soothing touch, what better way than to treating it an Angel.Rinse.  A super light conditioner that’s going to mend your damaged hair with  a combination of rich citrus oil extracts.

Kevin Murphy’s Angel.Rinse is Cruelty Free, with No Parabens and No Sulfate. What better gift to your hair than healthy and natural repair?
You can get this gift asap by visiting our online store, here!





What is it:  A line of hair-care products with anti-aging properties that promote natural healthy hair. These products are dedicated to reducing the harsh damage created from oxidization.

Why it’s the best:  Rewinding the clock is totally possible with Kevin Murphy’s special Young. Again hair care line. It has rich ingredients like  Immortelle,  a flower from a Helichrysum plant that has natural antioxidants to give your hair that youthful glow!

Kevin Murphy’s Young.Again hair is Cruelty Free, with No Parabens and No Sulfates, say hello to younger and more natural hair!
The Young.Again hair-line can be found in our store, here!




12. EVO : F A B U L OU S O   P R O

What is it:  An intensifying conditioner that instantly boosts dull platinum blonde hair.

Why it’s the best:  Blondes, say hello to your new best friend – Fabulouso Pro!
A diverse conditioner that’s going to extend the life of your colour-treated hair while balancing your hair’s moisture levels. Blonde hair is hard to maintain we know, but it doesn’t always have to be. With this conditioner your blonde hair is going to look as if it just left the salon every-time!

Evo’s Fabuloso Pro conditioner is sulphate, phosphate and paraben-free, so why not renew your blonde hair by getting a bottle from our store, here!


Have you seen anything you like? Check out our online store! Or coming into One Subiaco Salon for all those last minute gifts.