Top 6 Hair Trends for 2018

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01 Dec Top 6 Hair Trends for 2018

2018 is the year you achieve your hair goals. No More #hairevny this is the year you get the hair you love.

When you have great hair, you feel great. It’s a fact.
Lucky for you we got you covered! ♥

Here is a list we’ve come up with for the best hair inspo popping up that you need to consider before going to get your hair done! Click on your favourite to see more information!

  1. I C E Q U E E N


A bold statement shade that is becoming more popular! Icey blonde hair is a patient process especially if you’re starting with natural dark hair but the transformation is well worth it. Reaching the perfect Icy shade can take a few sessions to avoid damage and breakouts to your hair.
The silver tone reflects light, brightening your face and definitely catches people’s attention. This colour choice is definitely the best for those who want a bold look that’ll turn heads! Click here to get the how to Ice Queen guide.

2.  N U D E  N A T U R A L S

The ultimate, “I woke up like this” shade.  Nude naturals enhances your look whether you are blonde or brunette. The goal is to have healthy luscious locks that look like they’ve never been touched by a salon! Although the shade looks deceptively simple, there are many dimensions being put at work to give you this subtle vibrance and shine! A perfect option to go for if you’re just starting to experiment with colouring your hair or if you want to take it back to basics! Click here to view the guide to getting the best out of your Nude Natural hair.


3. C H O C O L A T E  B A L A Y A G E


A universal shade that is perfect for a natural effortless vibe, it spices up dark roots giving your hair more dimension by adding subtle light tones.  Chocolate balayage  is the go-to look if you want fresh salon hair without having to get a touch up every few weeks.  The perfect choice for brunettes wanting to add texture to solid colour. Chocolate Balayage easily goes from beach days to cocktails and dinner, and is the perfect way to start lightening your hair to make the transition to blonde. Click here to get the Chocolate Balayage guide.



4.  V A N I L L A  B L O N D E  B A L A Y A G E

A shade of blonde that is striking and elegant to say the least.  If you’re thinking about going blonde, vanilla blonde is a great choice to opt for.  This creamy  shade will suit all skin tones and won’t be harsh on your complexion. Using your base root colour and blending the blonde through your hair and to the ends, creates a organic looking 4 dimensional style.
This particular shade uses lighter hues throughout the hair lifting your eyes and giving you a more youthful appearance. Vanilla blonde has been used on many celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon and Margot Robbie for the classic Hollywood red carpet looks!
This timeless bombshell Baywatch look will add life back into dull fading hair! Click here to get the how to guide.


5.  M A C A R O N  P A S T E L S


If you’re wanting to step out of classic and into edgy shades, pastels are definitely one to consider.  There are so many options to go with for both blondes and brunettes that want to add an irredescent glow to their hair. From pale lilac to cotton candy pink, it can be hard to pick just one, but you don’t have to! Going for unicorn hair is the ultimate show-stopper if you can’t decide on just one shade.
As fun as pastels are, they fade faster than the usual browns and blondes and are overall harder to maintain. Make sure you use good quality shampoo and conditioner and avoid hot styling tools when you can! For the guide on how to get and maintain Macaron Pastels click here.


6. S U N K I S S E D   B L O N D E

This Sun-kissed shade is fresh and care-free. The bronze look  is perfect for those who want to go for a more boho and organic vibe. With festivals lined up for the year, sun kissed blonde is the perfect accessory for your outfit!  You can alter the intensity of between the dark and light tones to your liking and as an added bonus this shade is also low maintenance, you’ll only ever need to tend to your roots! Click here to see the how to guide.

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