Easy Guide to Getting Nude Natural Hair


22 Dec Easy Guide to Getting Nude Natural Hair

Being glamorous and classy has never been easier with a simple change into nude naturals! A must for those just starting out with colouring their hair or those who want more of  natural change!  Nude naturals is all about enhancing simple brunette and blondes colour shades through creating dimensions. A deceptively simple look that has multiple layers that add subtle shine into your hair!

It’s also a relatively low maintenance look in comparison to platinum blonde or pastels, you’ll only ever need to tend mostly to your roots!

 T H E   P R O C E S S

The specialty with nude naturals hair is that it’s prime focus is altering the colours hues. Since they are naturals and not extreme colours like pastels or platinum blonde, it’s the subtle change in tones that give this shade the wow factor.

To achieve this look, how long this process may take will be dependent on your starting colour. If you’re starting with blonde hair but want a blonde new naturals look, the process is quite simple. As colourists will focus on highlighting certain sections and correcting the tones of others. Opposed to if you’re starting with brunette hair and wanting to achieve the same look. Covering your roots and lightening your hair will take a couple more sessions.

Either way, we recommend you consult with your preferred hair colourist on the best options for your hair and which new naturals style will best compliment your skin tone and facial features!
At One Subiaco we offer complimentary consultations if you’d like advice on how to transform your hair!

T L C  G U I D E

Although nude naturals just looks like regular uncoloured hair, you still need to remember to care for it! Here is a guide on ways you can keep your new hair fresh and prevent it from damage!


P R E P   Y O U R   H A I  R

You’ve heard about makeup primers but now take a step into the world of hair primers!  R+Co’s The One spray is so many wonderful things, we could go on forever about it.
✓ Heat Protectant.  ✓ UV protectant
✓ De-tangler            ✓Primer

This spray is a serious contender for being a staple on your hair shelf, it’s so multiverse it’ll make sure your new naturals hair will be sleek and prepped for any styling tools/products!



G I V E   I T   V O L U M E

Amp up your nude naturals hair colour by giving it an extra dosage of volume!
Kevin Murphy’s Plumping.line not only gives your hair an effortless bounce but it also promotes hair growth and prevent hair loss!

You won’t need to worry about having deflated thinned out hair with when using these products.
The Plumping.Line offers you a range of treatment so you can pick whichever one you’re missing from your hair-care routine, whether it’s a rinse, wash or a volume spray!

Say hello to thicker, healthier organic looking hair, yes please! ♥



S T Y L E  I  T


If you’re more about styling hair, then look after your nude natural look with a bit of R+CO’s High Dive creme.

Just like the sunlight bouncing off the poolside water, this creme is highly reflective and tames down any stubborn frizzy hairs. It’s definitely gives more of a clean and refined look that’s perfect to really showcase your new natural hair!

It’s not harsh so you won’t get any excessive build-up with this product, just beautiful soft styled hair! 



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